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Line 76
   "-gl_texmagfilt GL_LINEAR -gl_texminfilt GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"    "-gl_texmagfilt GL_LINEAR -gl_texminfilt GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST"
  -gl_simple is equivalant to   -gl_simple is equivalant to
   "-gl_texmagfilt GL_NEAREST -gl_texminfilt GL_NEAREST"    "-gl_texmagfilt GL_NEAREST -gl_texminfilt GL_NEAREST"
    -gl_alttexmerge to enable new texmerge for Opengl that draws both textures,
     rather than merging them into a single texture.  Uses less texture ram.
    -gl_stdtexmerge uses default texmerge. (default)
    -gl_library <l> to specify alternate opengl library to load. (only if d1x was
     compiled with OGL_RUNTIME defined)
    -gl_16bittextures attempts to possibly, maybe, use 16 bit textures (though it
     might already be using them anyway?)
    -gl_voodoo forces fullscreen mode only.
    -font(320|640|800|1024) <f> choose font to use at various game resolutions.
     Note that not all need to be specified, it will use the next lowest one.  (ie,
     setting -font320 would affect all res, setting -font800 would only affect 800
     and above)
    Support for using different size fonts ingame.
    RENDERSTATS "cheat" code (currently opengl only) shows render info.  Note that
     texture size is based upon the assumption of 32bit textures, even though its
     possible they could be stored in some other format on the card.
    BADTEXTURE "cheat" code (currently opengl only) screws up texturing.
    Support for using larger fonts. (for high res modes)
  OpenGL support.  Works with both GLX and WGL.   OpenGL support.  Works with both GLX and WGL.
 v1.40     09-01-1999  v1.40     09-01-1999

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