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Line 23
Line 23
 dummy:  dummy:
 #dependancy generation.  Doesn't work right for asm files, but its a lot better  #dependancy generation v2.  Works correctly for all file types.  No more errors. Yay.
 #than nothing. -Matt Mueller  # -Matt Mueller
   #use dep.dep instead of .depend for dos compatibility.
 ifdef OUTPUT  ifdef OUTPUT
 DEPOBJ=-$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -MM $(OBJECTS:.$(OBJ)=.c) > .depend  DEPOBJ2=$(OBJECTS:.$(OBJ)=.dep2)
 endif  endif
   #we don't actually create .dep2 files, but we need some way to let make do its
   #magic of finding the correct source file (since a .o can be made by many types
   #of source files.)
   %.dep2: %.c
    $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(E_CFLAGS) -MM $< >> $(DEPFILE)
   %.dep2: %.cpp
    $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(E_CFLAGS) -MM $< >> $(DEPFILE)
   #dunno if this is the "right" way to make null rules, but it seems to work.
   %.dep2: %.asm
   %.dep2: %.S
   %.dep2: %.s
 dep depend:  dep depend:
  $(DEPOBJ)   -rm $(DEPFILE)
    make dep2_internal
 ifeq (.depend,$(wildcard .depend))  #use two step dep process so it can delete .depend first. (since the rules dependancies are done before the rules actions)
 include .depend  dep2_internal: $(DEPOBJ2)
   ifeq ($(DEPFILE),$(wildcard $(DEPFILE)))
   include $(DEPFILE)
 endif  endif

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