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Further investigation has revealed that the processor is, in fact, just a
Pentium 4 and not a XEON.

Pentium 4:
CPU0: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.53GHz stepping 04

CPU0: Intel(R) XEON(TM) CPU 1.80GHz stepping 04

Both advertise the ht bit, but only the XEON is going to advertise more than
one logical CPU.
My preferred calibration for my Logitech Inc. WingMan Extreme Digital 3D:
./jscal -s 6,1,0,520,570,1760179,1760179,1,0,520,570,1760179,1877500,1,0, \
           140,160,6500000,9150000,1,0,112,112,-7175000,-7800000,1,0,0,0, \
           536854528,536854528,1,0,0,0,-536854528,-536854528 /dev/input/js0
If anyone has the Amiga MOD "Timebandit" by 
Fleshbrain, would you please send it to me?

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