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Instead of just leaving this file empty, I have decided to put the most
obnoxious thing I could think up:

I am seeking summer employment for mid-May - mid-August.  Preferably in the
Austin, Texas area, but I'll consider other locations also. 

Internship/Full time: Doesn't matter.
Computer Programming: Yes.  
Programming Languages: C/C++, Maybe Java, Maybe Haskell.
Linux-related: It'd be a plus, but it is not a requirement.
Game development-related: It'd be interesting, but it is not a requirement.
Prior Employment Experience: None, sadly.
Other Experience: Yes, projects such as porting Wolfenstein 3D and Aliens
    vs. Predator to Linux, writing a gameboy emulator, and contributions
    to various other projects.
Education: Currently in my third year (out of four) at The University of 
    Texas at Austin.  My major is Computer Science, as one could probably
Pay: Yes, I would like to be paid.
Final Remarks: I'm not opposed to learning.

When this .plan was written: 2002-03-08 18:00:24
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