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Thought of clever way to deal with bug whereby player can escape the arena 
through the edges.  Then I tried it, found that it didn't work too well,
and fixed it using a one-line solution that I thought of while on the toilet.
Played with having the player modeled as a particle on a spring rather than 
having 'fake' bounce in the hover, realised that it wasn't necessary yet 
and would involve revamping certain things more than I felt like.
Played with a 'flamethrower' effect yesterday.  Seems quite doable, although
would require me to have implemented animated textures to work well.  Curse
gray matter for raising the bar so much on that one :-)

Collision detection is relatively functional at present.  It's still only ray 
poly detection.  Sphere-poly today.  Then that will be done for the moment 
and I will have to find something more worthy to work on.
I've had it highlighted to me how inadequate Config::Load is, so will probably 
rewrite that today.  I intend to use Standard C++ Library strings, which is 
going to be a first for me.

That was scary.  I thought it was thursday.  Anyhoo, today I will try and make 
collision detection work somewhere near properly, paving the way for funky 
scenery.  You never know, someday in the future we may even get gameplay :-)
In other news, my sister is stuck in Toronto (where the power is out).

Greetings.  I arrive on, with my fledgling project Excido.  What's currently available shows gameplay in a wide-open 
arena.  What I'm working on at this time is buildings - suitably cuboidal ones.

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