You’re the @ symbol on the map.

To move your character, use the arrow keys. In order to move diagonally, you can use the following keys on the keyboard, or use the number pad (the number pad doesn't work in Opera):

y  k  u             7  8  9 
 \ | /               \ | / 
h-- --l             4--5--6
 / | \               / | \
b  j  n             1  2  3

p = pick up item    5  = pick up item

These keys will be familiar to NetHack players and Vim users. They’re wierdly efficient when you get used to them.

To identify items on the board, mouse over a region of the board to see a description. It will only tell you about what you can see, however.

To pick up an item, enter the square with the item and you’ll see it listed next to your character. Enter the item’s # to pick it up (or pick up the first item using p, or 5 on the number pad).

Using items in your inventory is simple. Use A and S to select an item, then either press ENTER to use it, or walk toward the thing on the map you’d like to use it on. For example, to use a key, select it, and then move toward a door.

You can walk around with something selected or “in hand”; nothing will happen unless it is useful.

To fire your selected item (if it shoots), hold down SHIFT or CONTROL and the direction you wish to fire (only CONTROL works with the number pad).

To throw your selected item, press T, followed by the direction you wish to throw the item.

To drop an item, press D and you will drop the currently selected item. Select E to empty your hands (sometimes useful).

To push some items on the board, just move into them.

To see the game menu use the ESCAPE key, or use the options at the bottom of the screen. Use F3 to save your game, but be careful: saving at the wrong time can be fatal.

Advanced inventory commands

If more than ten items are on a square, you may need to use the R key to rotate them if you want to see them all or pick up only a specific item.

To reorder your inventory, select an item, then use C or V to move it up/down in your inventory list.

To select the first weapon in your inventory, use W. By re-ordering your inventory and using W, you can quickly equip your weapon of choice.

Asciiroth is all text so you can make the board larger or smaller by adjusting the font size of your browser. In Firefox, for example, ctrl-+/- will make the game board larger or smaller (caveats: in FF2 only some sizes look correct, and in FF3, you must select View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only for this to work correctly).

Using the mouse

You can select items in your inventory using the mouse (the scroll wheel will scroll your inventory as well). If you click on the board, your character will attempt to move toward that location. If you click on your character, you can pick up items underfoot, or move off the board when you're on the edge.

Function Keys:
F1 - Help
F3 - Save
F5 - Main Menu
F10 - Save & Quit