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This alternative Enumeration Extension will enumerate all the OpenAL devices on ***all*** the audio devices (including all the 'endpoints' on Windows Vista). The original Enumeration Extension would only enumerate generic devices on the Default playback device.

For example, on a Windows XP system with an SB X-Fi card and a SoundMAX Digital Audio mother-board chip, the original Enumeration Extension provides a list like this: -

SB X-Fi Audio [9000]
Generic Hardware
Generic Software

The new 'Enumerate All' extension gives a complete list of all the possible output configurations, i.e: -

SB X-Fi Audio [9000]
Generic Hardware on SB X-Fi Audio [9000]
Generic Software on SB X-Fi Audio [9000]
Generic Hardware on SoundMAX Digital Audio
Generic Software on SoundMAX Digital Audio

Note, at the time of writting, the SoundMAX Digital Audio solution does not include a 'native' AL component so the only options are the "Generic Hardware" and "Generic Software" devices.

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